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Apostle Michael Beasley


From the age of five years old, Apostle Michael Beasley grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As a child, his mother took him out every Saturday to do door-to-door evangelizing throughout Detroit. Apostle Beasley realized he was called to ministry at 3 years old in Dermott, Arkansas where his grandmother took him to a church service.


“When I walked into that church, a feeling came over me like I have never, ever, had before. I didn’t know back then that it was The Lord. I heard the Lord tell me to look up. And when I looked up, I saw the pastor standing there and God told me that was going to be my life.”


Apostle Beasley attended Lael College and is now completing his Masters degree at Christian Leadership University. Apostle Beasley’s heart is all about people getting free and being delivered from demonic spirits and every foreign force that presents a threat or causes the Children of God to fall.


Apostle Beasley has been in ministry for 35 years and pastoring Total Life Change Ministries since 1997. He has had several very prominent radio ministries throughout the years as well. Apostle Beasley is also the founder of the New Pentecost Association of Churches and Ministries International. In this growing association, he oversees and guides other prophets, apostles, and ministers around the globe.


Apostle Michael Beasley is married to Apostle Shona Beasley who is also co-pastor at Total Life Change Ministries.